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Keeping Kitchen Healthy

  1. Cleaning grease traps is as important as keeping the dining areas clean of contaminants, cleaning pests, getting rid of expired ingredients and ensuring food is safe to eat. Creating the ultimate value to be the best and serve the finest.

  2. If you don't: Grease sits in traps, rots and turns rancid, leading to strong odors and health risks.


Maintain Effectiveness

  1. Drains aren't quick to empty because water is slowed down when passing through. When the drainage system slows down, it is sign to clean as it might bring serious consequences.  

  2. There is risk that fat and grease make it past the trap and into pipes resulting in expensive repairs for clogs, floods, fines from inspectors and backwashes.


Regular Cleaning

  1. Thankfully you don't have to clean and empty your grease trap by yourself, let us help ensure your trap is cleaned routine without effort parenting with us.

  2. Our experts will keep your grease trap in peak condition so you can focus on your business and make other sales. 


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